stones fill my mouth/like/rockfills/landfills/i roll them around/till/

dirt fills my eyes/like/tearful/bloody/promises/you said/that you/loved me too/till

bones fill my lungs/like/broken breadclips/in a candy box/and when you shake it/this way/and that/making pretty sounds/like kids do/rattle and tumble/in shaky/laughter/till

horizon fills my ears/like/every single one of your stupid birthdays/safe/behind/your picket white fences/like the teeth/set into your/bed of pinkness/melted flesh/over jawbone/you smile like/surprises/roll off the breaths/you take/like throwing stones/was ever gonna hurt me/like i couldn’t help but/coat my skull/till

softness fills my nose/like/rose petals/which always smelt like/meat/to me/ you say/you are sorry/you say/all the stupid things/stupid people say/as i rattle into laughing/bones clicking/like/did you even know i was breaking/every time you touched me?/like

secrets emptied from me/like a dam/burst/all the things/you told me/not to tell/all the things/you did to me/like fill my mouth with/stony/cold/and salty/birthdays/of repentance/for my mistakes/as you parted me/like leaves/reached inside/and coated me /till

the world passes through/my body/like a sponge/it cleans me/out/i try to let it/take the filth/of your hands/out from/under my skin

but it’s just like/you used to tell me:

“i can still feel your hands/upon me/long after/you’ve been gone”


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