‘Correctional Centre’

you speak of ghosts in a way/i used to speak about ghosts/before ghosts/begun to visit me/more often


when i was a kid/ghost meant:

trying to fall asleep/remembering how the/great grandfather i never knew/died in my room

ghost meant/starring unable to move/out/bedroom/hallway flying/away to a distant horizon/a different shore

ghost meant/i learnt to play dead/not to fit in/to fit completely


when i got older/i taught myself/to erase the line between myself and the world/and/now

you ask me:

wouldn’t it be cool if everyone/was a ghost???:

no us or them/just everyone

and i imagine erasing the line/between myself/and you/and a holiness in being/everywhere at once

and i forget the ghosts that make me wake


and i forget the ghosts that follow me


and i forget i am afraid of the


and instead i step into your moment/take your hand/and drive you Walco/and stand with you looking up at the:

‘Correctional Center’

(prison)/and i just wait for you to tell me/how strange of a sight it is/in broad daylight/on a very pleasant day:

how the grass/is so green/i just wait for you say anything/because your words:

all golden/and full of friendly ghosts

that sing me to sleep





‘Correctional Centre’

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