I guess

is it hard to breathe in the mouth of god?does he suck you dry?empty your lungs like : VODKA?

:::somebody told me:::

/that kissing god is like/kissing your/boyfriend/the one from when you were 16/the one who still swallowed excuses/like/panadol/excuses like:

‘…it’s not your fault your

a teenage boy

you can’t help yourself

it’s hard for you to

stop when your told

there’s not much

blood in your head at that point…’


god never liked criticism?you know?

i had gods kiss me/had them suck my/lungs of air/and heart of/love

you know?

i used to love the way/they held me/tall/possessive/i can’t remember why 


i guess : they were not really gods

i guess : the punishments/drained(too much)

i guess i just : sinned to much

i guess god is : draining

i guess :

i guess :

i guess :

i guess :

(this is the part where i disappear because nobody cares for a godless person like WHO???)

I guess

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