Landscape: transmission


Lanham/leagues/german flag (installed in house)/skeleton house/alien telephone (we talk to the stars)/birds and birds and birds and fish/

metallic man with abs (shine)/tinsel/Wolvenhampton/there are small stumpish palm trees that cannot breathe/smoking in designated areas only/jagged sky/green bruise, there, on her arm/

Marilyn Monroe/Warhol(e) banana/

Thomas Brown/   transmission   /new! look!/birds and birds and dead fish/netted pink fence (just a stain)/investment/Inglis/Carroll/round and round and round/

church full of holes/and a tower/and white crosses/here/

Stain/dental (like what?)/Hewitt/Ada/gospel (70s font-ie not fashionable)/the red tree!/(false)ocean/Swan/Oakwal/Victoria/vampire/

(there is a church on every hill)


Landscape: transmission

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