Pinocchio sleeps in my bed


pinocchio sleeps in my bed \\not the way you would…think-

just slips in


makes a place for himself\makes sure not to disturb me

and closes his eyes till day\break\

…we do not think he can sleep really…but he has learnt to close his eyes…



so that he can rest a little

i used to mind \but\

sometimes it’s better than being \alonepeople\ don’t really want to know


(theydon’twanttoknowhimlikethis: \they don’t want to know about\

\how the darkness\

\grew like a WHALE in his\belly)


pinocchio stands in the rain…then he comes back in

puffing UP ((like pastry))

then he takes the \knife\and \whittlesthepuffyaway\

…in the sun…(shoosh)

when the moisture,leaves the fibres,it leaves him thin and brittle:



the seeds sprout,and grow !new! fibre\fill in the groves

…then he sneaks into my bed:

lays beside me

\sometimes…\…i do wake\

hear his whistle and wheeze

I imagine: [[it is a whole forest


and fall all the way back…to sleep

Pinocchio sleeps in my bed

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