Recollection (Gag-Reel)

the first real recollection/is in the bed

i don’t really remember back any further/your breath was like sour medicine

(except it wasn’t medicine)

the next taste, was vomit, my stomach bulged over the top of my trousers,

the second recollection/is setting the gin on the bedside table

…i don’t feel so good…

the third recollection/is the light and the questions/because

you can’t stop now

shaking my head and saying i’m fine

your brain was once really interesting to me/but everything (the whole world)became a little more/sad, when you said,

if your stomach is bothering you i’ll show you how to activate your gag reflex, once you vomit you’ll feel better,

once you vomit you can finish that drink

the fourth recollection/is the numbing fear, filling my chest, like drowning, like why would you say that

in the dark i found the ocean and tried to drown myself because you are the kind of people i fall in love with all the time   

Recollection (Gag-Reel)

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